We at Lifeline Pet Rescue take the privilege of Animal Rescue seriously and strive to responsibly place good, stable animals in quality, permanent, responsible, loving homes. We are also active in humane education, encourage responsible pet ownership and promote the spaying and neutering of pets.We do not discriminate based on breed or species and always attempt to help any animal in need.


We at Lifeline Pet Rescue take our mission of animal rescue seriously. We have a Pledge to both our Animals and to our Adoptive Owners.


To Our Animals

Lifeline Pet Rescue does Pledge:

  • to place our animals in the very best homes that we can find 

  • to see that every animal we take in will receive the best veterinary care that we can afford 

  • to see that every animal is held in a knowledgeable, caring environment until a suitable permanent home can be found

  • to see that every animal is given the necessary care and attention while in our care so that animal has every opportunity to blossom to its highest potential as a quality family pet


To Our Adopters

Lifeline Pet Rescue does Pledge:

  • to adopt out animals of sound minds 

  • to have every animal fully vetted before adoption 

  • to Honestly portray any health problem(s) that we are aware of at the time of adoption

  • to match the animal to the adoptive family's lifestyle to the best of our ability 

  • to Honestly portray our animal's personalities, temperaments and health histories 

  • to always be on call to help with any after adoption adjustments between the family and animal

Lifeline Pet Rescue


To rehabilitate rescued dogs and cats through modifying behavior, bringing out loving companions ready for adoption.


To nurture and cultivate a community where all aspects of a rescue’s needs are met.

Lifeline Pet Rescue

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