A Note From Penny

My name is Penny and I love animals. I especially love Rottweilers. When I got my first Rottweiler, I was an accident waiting to happen. I saw one, didn’t know what it was, and immediately wanted one. I got a Rottie pup as a young college student without any understanding of the responsibility that went along with owning this breed. Rottweilers were not as common back in 1986, and because I had one, people would call me and ask me for help with them. Because I supposedly “knew” how to handle these dogs and was not afraid of their size, attitude, and deep voice, I was an unqualified expert by default. Over the next several years, I educated myself and was educated by the dogs to be better prepared to help folks with Rottie-related issues. Oftentimes, I found myself helping a family re-home a dog that really didn’t fit their lifestyle. As the popularity of Rottweilers grew in the late 80’s, I began to acquire dogs faster than I could find responsible homes.

Thus began Tennessee Valley Rottweiler Rescue. Eighteen months or so down the road, I connected with a newly- formed regional Rottweiler rescue group. After three years of “PhD- level” immersion in breed rescue, I left the group to form my own so that unmet needs for mixed breeds with Rottweiler components, and long-term support for adoptive families could be addressed. I became Serendipity Rottweiler Rescue, and added the unique life-long support for adoptive families as well as unconditional return for an animal. My rescue saved a lot of animals and protected the animals and their new families from being trapped in a bad match. For the next two years, the Rescue experienced growth, success, and emergence in the community.

As a stand-alone operator serving more than 17 years “in the field,” I experienced compassion fatigue and took a 24-month sabbatical. This sabbatical allowed for the addition of the pet hotel section to my grooming business in 2005. By mid-2007, the pet hotel that had originally been conceived as a business opportunity had, instead, become a haven for hard-luck fur stories. Though this time, the species, color or type of fur was irrelevant. Animals with needs found their way to the door - dog, cat, guinea pig, potbellied pig - the scope of the rescue changed to accommodate the new  clientele.

In February of 2015, Serendipity Rottweiler Rescue was granted 501(3)C status by the Internal Revenue Service. I changed the name to Serendipity Animal Rescue to reflect the broadened scope of the rescue. While non-profit status did bring in a few more donors, the financial strain of being the single main source of funds for the rescue became unbearable.  Serendipitously, Bob Gifford learned of the rescue and became familiar with the cause. He used his considerable influence throughout the North Alabama region and gathered together the top- notch board that presently serves as leadership and oversight for the Rescue. As the board formed and began to direct the Rescue’s path, we decided that a final name change was in order. Lifeline Pet Rescue was born.

We take the mission of animal rescue seriously. We make a pledge to both our animals and our adopters. We promise our animals the best homes possible, complete medical care, and the training and rehabilitation necessary for them to be a quality pet. We promise our adopters healthy, sound-minded pets, chosen to match the family and its lifestyle, with lifetime support from our group. Though the name has changed, our Board is in alignment with the mission, vision, and passion of the original rescue. Today, we still uphold the founding values of that rescue, showing compassion to animals in need.

Lifeline Pet Rescue

121 Kohler Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803



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