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Volunteer With Us

Dog Walking

Dog walkers work in teams or individually, walking their dog of choice from the shelter around our community or in a pre-approved environment away from the rescue. Dog walkers not only provide exercise but enforce basic obedience commands with the goal of making their stay at the shelter more stimulating. Enforced training and providing opportunities for the dogs' to burn energy helps place dogs faster and make the transition into their new homes easier.


Volunteers in this position must be able to deal with adverse weather conditions, (we walk the dogs' rain or shine), and be in good-to-moderate physical condition because of the level of physical activity involved. Volunteers must also be committed to using the handling and training protocols outlined by Lifeline’s trainers, be receptive to feedback and have a willingness to learn. Volunteers interact with dogs of various sizes, shapes, breeds, and manners.


Duties include: walking, socializing and comforting the dogs; using learned Lifeline’s training practices; monitoring the behavior and medical needs; and giving dog treats.  The commitment is a minimum of 2 hours per shift.  

If you are a volunteer or would like to be one, please take a moment to complete the following form and please don’t forget to fill out a volunteer waiver!

Volunteer Application

Please provide us with details about you and what you do (or would like to do) with Lifeline Pet Rescue! If you would like to foster animals please fill out the applicable foster application.

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